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If you are curious about what your home or property might be worth in today’s competitive marketplace, simply fill out the brief form below and RealtyAbsolute.com’s team of experts will complete a professional evaluation of your home and how it compares to similar properties in your neighborhood to determine an estimate of your property’s value. The report will contain a minimum of 3 current comparable listings, and 3 comparable sold properties.**

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Trained in finance, business, and accounting, RealtyAbsolute.com’s team of consultants are able to target real estate values with precision accuracy. Utilizing diverse valuation methodology, we are skilled at estimating a property’s value through comparable, cost, and income analyses. When appropriate, we apply discounted cash flow analysis and other more sophisticated techniques to real estate and business valuation.

**In some rare instances, sufficient data may not be available to provide 3 listings and 3 sales comparables. In these rare instances, RealtyAbsolute.com’s analysts will use their best judgment and discretion to estimate your property’s value.